Who is Uncle Scam?

I am true blue patriotic American that loves his country and am proud of this great nation’s achievements and contributions to freedom around the world. I am also proud of my ancestry, which arrived prior to the Mayflower in 1619. My 10thgrandfather served in Washington’s Continental Army and my family continued to fight for freedom in every military conflict for the next 250 years. Growing up, I took great pride in our political symbols, in particular, Uncle Sam—I Want You!

So why now “Uncle Scam”—the corruption, greed and the piss poor performance of our government in the modern era. Capitol Hill has turned into a political brothel. And we know what the job description is for the employees that work in a brothel, prostitutes. Our elected leaders spend their time turning political tricks for money and power. Once these elected leaders leave their jobs on the hill they often end up working as lobbyists, in PACs, taking seats on corporate boards and otherwise using their political skills to become customers at the Capitol Hill Brothel. They know the specialties of the political prostitutes in the brothel and know how to get what they want and at the best price. What a scam on the citizens of this great nation.

Hence, Uncle Scam, the contemporary evolution of a great political icon. Instead of I Want You, to serve our great nation and defend the constitution, it is I Want your Money and your Fealty (feudal term: sworn devotion to your ruler). Basically, give me your money and don’t deviate from the narrative—or else. The government has developed a Ruler Mentality and seems to be hell bent on degrading our values and cultural as fast as possible as if it was committed to destroying our country from within. 

We have arrived at the era of BUHTPHUCKERY (pronounced Bootfookery, and most often mispronounced as something else),which I define as “Corrupt politics that lead to the WORST possible outcome at the HIGHEST possible expense”. 

Uncle Scam was born of politics run amuck and BUHTPHUCKERY. So, let’s call it out and tell our elected Rulers that we are on to them and that we have defined what they are doing as BUHTPHUCKERY! Please take note that thehead of Uncle Scam is a humanized donkey face tinted light blue as one of the two major political parties is more guilty than the other. Remember the good old days when family values meant something and we could agree to disagree—no longer useful to our political Rulers.

BUHTPHUCKERY has become omnipresent. Nobody could be stupid enough to not recognize that the Afghanistan withdrawal was a complete disaster that has now led us to two proxy wars. Or, that the southern border is completely wide open to anyone looking for early retirement in the U.S. at taxpayer expense. There are plenty examples of BUHTPHUCKERY and include such stupidities as men in women’s sports, shutting down oil and gas (BTW, all of the EVs on the road are running on electricity produced by the burning of natural gas), defunding the police, no-cash bail, math is racist, Chinese spy balloon flyovers, making the military woke, weaponizing the DOJ against parents, forced lockdowns and forced vaccinations with a dangerous and unproven vaccine, attacking the second amendment, the White House colluding with High Tech giants to censor and control speech, poor stewardship of the treasury, and on and on and on. Absolute BUHTPHUCKERY, for which Uncle Scam is now the symbol.