Buhtphuckery Definition



  • Corrupt politics that lead to the WORST possible outcome at the HIGHEST possible expense.

    The Term BUHTPHUCKERY (bootfookery) comes from an ancient cosmic languare. It means "Betrayal".

  • Use It in a Sentence

    • We can not afford this Buhtphuckery in out government to go on any longer.

    • Uncle Scam is creating a lot of buhtphuckery today.
  • Examples

    • Afghanistan Withdrawal
    • The Southern Border
    • Demonizing Oil & Gas
    • Indoctrinating Children
    • Defunding the Police
    • No Cash Bail
    • Men in Women’s Sports
    • Student Debt to Taxpayers
    • Government Lockdowns & Forced Vaccinations
    • Spy Balloon Fly-Overs
    • Chinese Bases in Cuba
    • Weaponizing the DOJ
    • Making the Military Woke
    • Government Spending & Inflation
    • White House Censorship
    • Attacking the Second Amendment